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Forum 13:

The Humanities and the Common Good

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Held Friday, April 4, 2014

Forum Summary

What contributions do the humanities, as taught in public universities, make to a society that values profitable innovation and vocational training? How can we continue to value cognitive abilities, artistic talents, and uses of language that cannot be measured in the chiefly quantitative terms that dominate efforts to measure success? How can we highlight the value of humanities training in the arts of noticing, interpreting, and explaining divergent perspectives on complex social issues? These arts are important both in the 21st-century workplace and in the spheres where the public good is debated.

Panelists: Margaret Ferguson, President of the Modern Language Assocaition, and Distinguished Professor of English, UC Davis; Chris Reynolds, President of the American Musicological Society, and Professor of Music, UC Davis; and Ralph J. Hexter, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, and Distinguished Professor of Classics & Comparative Literature, UC Davis.

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