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Stella Flores

Associate Professor of Higher Education and Public Policy, University of Texas at Austin

Dr. Stella M. Flores is Associate Professor of Higher Education and Public Policy at the University of Texas at Austin, where she holds a cross-school appointment in the Departments of Education, Leadership and Policy, and Curriculum and Instruction. She is also Director of Research and Strategy for the Education Research Center at UT-Austin as well as Co-Editor of AERA Open. Her research examines the effects of state and federal policies on college access and completion outcomes for low-income and underrepresented populations, including immigrant and English Learner students. Dr. Flores has published widely on demographic changes in U.S. schools, affirmative action in higher education, and Minority Serving Institutions. In 2003, her coauthored work was cited in the U.S. Supreme Court Gratz v. Bollinger decision (dissenting opinion) and in various amicus briefs submitted to the Supreme Court on affirmative action. Her research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the National Academy of Education, the Spencer Foundation, and the Educational Testing Service.

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