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Forum 23:

Universities, Hospitals and the Social Mission

Held Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Forum Summary

Schools of medicine rely on hospitals and other clinical settings to train medical students. The relationship is complex. Dean Freischlag will discuss the benefits and challenges of partnerships between universities and hospitals, as well as share insights on opportunities for mutual success during a time of intense change in health care and health education. Dr. Olds will discuss how the new medical school at UC Riverside was built around community needs, using the community’s resources as a teaching platform. He also will discuss his work on replicating this model on a national scale in his new position as president of St. George's University in Grenada.

Publications Related to this Forum

View Frieschlag's articles relevant to this forum: Charles M Balch, Tait D Shanafelt, Lotte Dyrbye, Jeffrey A Sloan, Thomas R Russell, Gerald J Bechamps, and Julie A Freischlag, “Surgeon Distress as Calibrated by Hours and Nights on Call” (2010); and Martin A. Makary, Jonathan Epstein, Peter J. Pronovost, E. Anne Millman, Emily C. Hartmann, and Julie A. Freischlag, “Surgical specimen identification errors: A new measure of quality in surgical care” (2006)

View Olds’s articles relevant to this forum: G. Richard Olds & Kathryn A. Barton, “Building Medical Schools around Social Missions: The Case of the University of California, Riverside” (2015); and “Medical schools don’t teach these key lessons—and it’s ruining our health” (2014)