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Forum 50:

UC Challenges and Opportunities: Navigating California's Current and Future Political Landscape

Held Thursday, November 12, 2020

Forum Summary

Throughout its history, the University of California has made transformative contributions to California’s prosperity and character. Many hold “the California conviction” that quality education and research, hallmarks of the state’s premier public university system, have been and remain the primary force in California’s social, economic, and cultural vitality. And yet, recurrent friction between UC and the state has often presented the university with significant challenges as it pursues its public-service mission and responds to changing circumstances. In this forum, Kieran John Flaherty will explore how UC can navigate the coronavirus pandemic, continue to meet California’s needs, and maintain its leadership in education, research, and public service—in spite of political divisions and increasing demands from elected officials and their constituents.

Download the PowerPoint presentation (pdf).