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Forum 54:

Latinx Identity Educational Pipeline Stories: Barriers and Successes from State Policy

Held Thursday, January 20, 2022

Forum Summary

While Latinos have seen an increase in college enrollment over the last decade, completion rates are stagnant or declining. As a result, there is a widening gap between this group and non-Hispanic whites in the attainment of college degrees. This presentation will highlight research related to Latinos’ college success, emphasizing the promise of Latino-attentive approaches for boosting college completion. It will elaborate on how parental and teacher contributions and behaviors, family-level considerations of costs and benefits, and the value of a college degree at a community level present opportunities to increase Latinos’ attainment of postsecondary degrees. The presentation will also provide an original multivariate assessment that indicates how the presence of Hispanic-Serving Institutions and in-state resident tuition benefits for immigrant students raise the odds of college enrollment and completion rates for Latinos. The findings suggest that incorporating Latino-attentive policies are beneficial to college completion among Latinos.

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