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Forum 18:

Keeping Track of One’s Moral Compass Despite Pressures to Lose It: How a Public University Can Maintain Its Integrity

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Held Thursday, November 20, 2014

Forum Summary

Dr. Morreim will discuss how public universities hold a special position of trust. As institutions established to serve the public interest through the creation and dissemination of knowledge, and as recipients of public investment, they have responsibilities to public welfare and ethical operation that are arguably above those of the marketplace. And yet, diverse financial pressures and competitive forces, perhaps greater now than ever before, threaten the integrity of public universities by potentially transforming their longstanding culture of seeking and disseminating knowledge for its own sake to one focusing on what will please the market in the short term. While such a transformation is not inherently unethical, it can invite corruption that can be countered only by a strong culture of integrity at all levels of the institution, from top leadership on down.