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Dr. Haavi Morreim

Professor of Human Values and Ethics, University of Tennessee

Haavi Morreim J.D., Ph.D., is a professor of Human Values and Ethics at the University of Tennessee, an attorney, and an active mediator for both civil and family matters, with cases addressing health care, employment, contract, landlord-tenant, debtor-creditor, and other disputes. A medical school professor focusing on health law and bioethics for over 30 years, she brings a distinctive perspective to health care conflict resolution. Dr. Morreim’s teaching is clinic rather than classroom based, integrated with the regular rounds and conferences during which faculty and physicians- in-training discuss patients, make medical decisions, and explore broader issues related to patient care. This teaching approach gives Dr. Morreim an up-close and ongoing view of the day-to-day challenges, nuanced questions, and conflicts that arise for patients, families, physicians, nurses, and others in the health care setting.

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